At Unique Science Academy we hire teachers that are full of potential and committed to their work whole heartedly. Experienced staffs are employed who have a complete knowledge of key stage 1, 2, 3, GCSE & A-LEVELS and SATs so that our students can be prepared to the fullest for their underlined exams through professional teaching.

Our History

Back in late 2013 when world was moving with the rapid growing demands of facilitated tuition centers, we thought why not give society a place where children/ students can feel at home with the perfect combination of educational environment. In todays to some extent of materialistic era Mr. Muhammad Yasir Farooq & Mr. Muhammad Nasir Farooq came up with idea of providing students specially the deserving ones with lower due rates and educational facilities.

Dream & Patronage

Muhammad Yasir Farooq  a young, dynamic, confident, passionate and enthusiastic person wgo once had a dream about working with children and adults  through education. He is someone who is fundamentally committed to good practise and innovation and who is very much a team player. His dream was brought to reality by his parent’s prayers who always believed that their son can achieve what he once dreamt.
Muhammad’s dream was patronized by Mr.Muhammad Farooq (father) who always motivated him to continue to excell towards success. He guided him to mentor the youth towards a better society.

Our Ethos

We believe in understanding our student’s psychology completely in order to get the best out of them. All of the students/ children are different in their own specific way, allowing them to have knowledge of them helps our tutors to motivate them for the excellence and get the best out of every individual.  By attending each student differently we guarantee our client that their children have been given the best head start possible and that is what we are committed for.