Our team members are young, dynamic, enthusiastic and brilliantly hard working. Being fresh they are more committed to serve the students and students in return can relate to them in a better way. At unique science academy our team strives hard to get the best results from the students. Our tutors are friendly and approachable. They work both with the students and their parents to fulfill the complete needs of the students. All the teachers at our centre are excellent at teaching with being expert in their relevant subjects. The tutors stay up-to-date with the pattern of national curriculum taught at schools so you do not have to worry about your child’s future and welfare.
The profiles of our tutors are given below:


Muhammad Yasir Farooq

Pharm. D., M.Sc. (Director – Private Tutor)
  • Muhammad is the founder/ one of the pioneers of unique science academy.
  • A confident, hardworking mentor who is able to teach students across the secondary age range, whilst at the same time encourages them to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence.
  • Muhammad is passionate about giving young children the best possible education in life, and enjoys working in a busy environment and relishes the challenge of managing a diverse workload. He is able to establish a supportive relationship with not only students but also their parents and fellow teachers all with the aim of promoting and reinforcing a student’s independence and self-esteem.
  • Always engaged in continuous learning in order to broaden his knowledge and experience’.
  • Holds a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and Masters in Formulation Sciences.
  • Areas of expertise include chemistry, biology, Mathematics and curriculum planning.

Muhammad Nasir Farooq

Pharm. D., M.Sc. (Director – Private Tutor)

M N Farooq led the acquisition of Unique Science Academy in 2013 and its subsequent re-launch in 2014. His working life started as a Private Tutor in Lahore. After that in 2008 he joined a renowned pharmaceutical firm as pharmacist. He left his Pharmacist career 6 years ago and co-founded and ran Standard Science Academy for one year before moving to London for higher studies. In 2013 after finishing his Masters Degree, he pursued his career as Private tutor. The extra support he got from those around him was invaluable through university years and after. With Unique Science Academy he wants to foster that same support for parents and children alike.
Areas of expertise include Analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, English and curriculum planning. He is good in explaining things to his students and having a strong knowledge in particular subject areas.