By Carrying Out Free Initial Assessment

The first and the basic step at unique science academy is to book an appointment for free initial assessment. Our allocated member will take the information required and schedule you an appointment that suits you. You will then come to the centre with the child/student. An appointed staff member will guide you through the assessment procedure. The student will take around 40-45 minutes to complete the assessment comprising of questionnaire while the parents are allowed to ask any information needed. This will show where the student’s strength and weakness lie. The assessment grades would provide an insight of the student’s ability to the teacher as where he/she needs improvement.
A free initial assessment without any obligation, you got nothing to lose.

Getting Started

Based on the results of the initial assessment, our expert staff member will recommend you that which class member he/she thinks benefit your child in its most form. We have planned a variety of classes throughout the week and on weekends for almost every subject so that you can choose which class works out according to your schedule. The specified staff member will advise you what is best for your child, either one –one or group study. Once the child gets registered with the centre, parents can have all the key information they need. Children/ students will need to bring their own stationary however paper sheets and relevant subject books will be provided by us. For any further queries contact us.

Involving Students

Our learning approach induces various methods of techniques that are very different from our competitive fellows. The entire staff members are young and energetic so students can literally relate to them as they totally understand their position.
At unique science academy we involve with students and parents on personal levels, arrange parent tutor meetings, and give parents timely feedback. Every individual student has the opportunity to stay engaged with its mentor personally to seek any advice. We encourage our students to learn with a purpose towards achieving their goals and objectives.

Regular Homework

We try our level best in the completion of your child’s given school work in the time mentioned. At unique science academy your child will receive daily, weekly and monthly homework lessons. We offer two types of homework: one is to strengthen what has been taught retrospectively and the other homework is research/ assignment based that will nourish students in excelling.

Reporting Feedback

At unique science academy we work vigorously to exceed the expectations of our clients. We place at regular interval parent tutor meetings to keep them updated about their child’s progress. We welcome our clients with open door policy, as they can speak to our centre representative any time about the curriculum, staff or their child’s report.
At our centre we have a well organised reporting system that is being filled by the respective subject teacher in order to keep up dated with each student’s progression and decline. The reports are filled with the results of homework, lesson and tests of every student. This will give us an important tool as which areas our students need help with the most. We believe in collaborative approach to learning.  It is of extreme importance for unique science academy, parents and students to endeavour all together towards common objectives and goals to achieve the desired strategic results.