The main factor in today’s time many of the students most stress and panic is their GCSE grades. At unique Science Academy we offer specialised group and private tuition for GCSE Double Science. Our talented and competent tutors work to their fullest to ensure students really get assisted from our tuition courses in GCSE Double Science.
Finding the private tuition that is equally beneficial and appropriate for you in London can be very difficult as there are so many out there. What make us unique from the rest are our highly qualified, hardworking and competent tutors and high level learning programs. We truly believe that our GCSE double Science Tuition/ Learning courses equip students with all the hits and key points on how they can get a top grade in their exams.
The GCSE Triple Science course opens the door to GCSEs three sciences: Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Course Description

GCSE Triple Science allows students time to study a greater range of topics than is possible in the compulsory science curriculum time. Students should achieve a level 6 in their end of Key Stage 3 (KS3) Science test and teacher assessments to study this course.

Syllabus Covered

Basic Level – Grades C, D, E, F, G
Advanced Level – Grades A+, A, B, C, D

Progression of GCSE Triple Science leads to:
– A-Level Biology
– A-Level Physics
– A-Level Chemistry

How to get A+ in GCSE Double Science?

– selected subjects should be revised thoroughly
– Determine exam passing techniques that lead to improved grades
– Examine and work on the topics you feel most difficult to deal with
– Use past examination papers to figure out the techniques implied
– Staying focused and boosting motivational levels can help a lot in achieving your goals.
-This can also be done in co-ordination with other students
– Positively improvise your overall confidence