11+ and 13+ Exam Preparation

We offer both full and part time (weekend sessions) 11+ exam preparation programme. The content of the exam may vary depending on the type of school, but it usually comprises of one or these four subjects:

11+ English, 11+ Mathematics, 11+ Non-verbal Reasoning, 11+ Verbal Reasoning.

Entry through 11+ 

Grammar schools in UK have re-established the 11 + exams consisting of a combination of two or more of the following subjects as part of the admission process:

11+ English

11+ English exam is usually comprised of comprehension. It consists of the following sections: a paragraph followed by random questions based on that text, parts of speech, punctuation related questions and English grammar.

11+ Mathematics

In the 11+ Maths exam, all areas of Maths are assessed, including basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to complexed topics that: fractions, shape, percentages, area, money, graphs, measurement and time.

11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning

It is one of the easiest and popular ways of testing a child’s problem solving skills. This test is carried out with the help of pictures, patterns, symbols and shapes instead of typical language test.

Similarities: In this area the child will be asked to find either the commonalities or the odd ones out between pictures, patterns, symbols and shapes.

Sequences: Here students must find the pattern or link between a series of pictures or symbols. This may be to find the next part of a sequence or to complete a missing part of a pattern.

Analogies: it is a logical test to check the common sense of the students. It is usually a two/ more-part question pattern that ask children to identify the link given in between a pair of pictures and how that link can be related to another set of picture.

11+ Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning is definitely the best way to check a child’s ability to learn. Verbal Reasoning has been used by many private schools as part of their entrance test examinations. To qualify for a seat in Grammar School, Verbal Reasoning forms a basis of 50% of the entrance prerequisite.

It is a language based and problem-solving test, therefore analyse the child’s vocabulary. Children will be asked a certain pattern of questions including: matching words, finding links between words and numbers, to construct words and then look for their synonym or antonyms, making simple calculations.

11+ Verbal Reasoning exams comprise of about fifty different types of questions. These include letter and number sequences, word endings/beginnings, analogies, odd one out, letter and number codes size order and anagrams.

It can be done by local or school authority. There are two formats for these tests: Standard Format and Multiple Choice Format are the two formats done by NFER ((National Foundation for Educational Research).

Questions used in the Verbal Reasoning test can be of varied types and we try teaching all of them in our learning sessions.


Both 13+ scholarship exams and 13+ common entrance can be taken by the students. Usually scholarship exams come earlier in the year giving students much time to prepare for both if mandatory.


At unique science academy our tutors hold a diverse range of Common Entrance past papers, including last 10 years of paper. Tutors will precisely incorporate questions from these papers into their lessons/ lectures in the most accurate way possible. They will go through abundant of tests and assignments to practice the exam style questions as much possible.