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What is A-Level Chemistry?

A-Level Chemistry is a modular course consisting of six modules spaced out over two years. A lot of the areas covered in A-level Chemistry are familiar to those you would have studied at GCSE, however there are several new topics you will encounter whilst on the course.

Most A-level Chemistry courses feature the modules foundation chemistry, chains and rings, how far, how fast? Chains, rings and spectroscopy, trends and patterns and finally, unifying concepts. The majority of the modules are assessed via an examination; however there are some coursework assignments involved. You will often spend time conducting experiments and research in a laboratory environment. Students of A-level Chemistry generally leave the course with the ability to recognise, recall and show understanding of specific chemical facts, terminology, principals, concepts and practical ability. The A-level Chemistry course will show students how to use information with the view of interpreting phenomena and effects of chemical principles, as well as presenting arguments and ideas in a logical and clear manner.

Course Description

Beginners will envelope a varied range of A-level topics during the course of study, this variation depends on exams boards.


If you wanted to go into a career in any form of medicine including dentistry or veterinarian then you will find A-level Chemistry is compulsory. Having an A-level Chemistry is a very desirable trait and is a highly respected qualification to have in academic circles.

Possible career and course options available to you via A-level chemistry qualification include: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary science, chemistry, biochemistry, forensic science, biological/engineering careers, optometry, microbiology, environmental sciences, natural sciences, pharmacology and software engineering & physiology. All of the above mentioned fields require A-level chemistry as essential. Careers and courses that find chemistry desirable include food technology, nursing, physiotherapy, radiography, paramedical courses, law and zoology.

How to get A+ in GCSE Double Science?

– selected subjects should be revised thoroughly
– Determine exam passing techniques that lead to improved grades
– Examine and work on the topics you feel most difficult to deal with
– Use past examination papers to figure out the techniques implied
– Staying focused and boosting motivational levels can help a lot in achieving your goals. This can also be done in co-ordination with other students
– Positively improvise your overall confidence