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What is A-Level Biology?

A grade ‘C’ or above in GCSE Biology, Mathematics and English is usually required for you to qualify for A-Level Biology courses. Biology can be actually numerical despite of the popular belief so a basic fundamental understanding and knowledge of mathematical principles is beneficial.

A-Level Biology is framed as a modular form, including six modules spread over a span of two years.
The student will cover a broad range of biology theories and principles, including lifestyle, transport in animals and plants, genes and health, development, plants and the environment, practical biology and research skills, the natural environment and species survival, energy, exercise and co-ordination, practical biology and investigative skills.

Upon completion of the A-Level Biology course you will have a broad range of knowledge of how living systems work, including the principles of genetics, molecules, taxonomy, natural selection, evolutionary theory, global warming, bacteria and viruses, amongst others.

The majority of the modules in A-level biology are assessed by examination, with exams lasting around one and a half hours for each module. Coursework is offered at both AS and A2 level, making up 33% of your final grade. There are a variety of experiments that support theory work and the majority of assessments are fully marked by the examination board.

How to get A+ in GCSE Double Science?<

Beginners will envelope a varied range of A-level topics during the course of study, this variation depends on exams boards.


Choosing Biology as one of the majors in A-levels can open up a huge and diverse opportunities in both university and professional life options.

A-level biology delivers opportunities to study BSc biology, medicine, dentistry, zoology, marine biology,  biomedical sciences, ecology, animal science, life sciences, forensic science environmental science or any other subject pertaining to the natural world.

Potential career choices that demand A-level biology include: biological testing, biotechnology, independent research, food industry jobs, nutrition, medicine, doctor, nurse, veterinarian, zoologist, zookeeper, animal care, veterinary nurse, scientist, amongst a huge range of others. Choosing biology in A-level will benefit you in great position for an extensive range of careers, as it is a tremendous qualification to have.

How to get A+ in GCSE Double Science?

– selected subjects should be revised thoroughly
– Determine exam passing techniques that lead to improved grades
– Examine and work on the topics you feel most difficult to deal with
– Use past examination papers to figure out the techniques implied
– Staying focused and boosting motivational levels can help a lot in achieving your goals. This can also be done in co-ordination with other students
– Positively improvise your overall confidence