Unique Science Academy provides best private and group tuitions to students ranging from age 4 to 18 years, 18+ (optional) .We not only educate students to explore their potential and overcome their fear of failure through a special team of qualified and capable staff. At our Centre we equip them to achieve both remarkable results in public examinations and lifelong goals. We offer a wide range of courses, free initial assessment, affordable fees, qualified and hardworking staff, group and individual tuition and exceptionally structured pattern of learning programs. The services we provide are significantly diverse in nature to meet the requirements of our clientele.

Better Option: Group Tuition or Home Tuition?


Well the answer to that question is simple: it totally depends on you. Some children/students need extra focus or guidance from the tutor in order to perform better, others might get excellent grades in a group study. Children tend to learn better a group of six or less as they find it more encouraging and challenging. Here are some of the reasons why:

Reduced Pressure:

Where home tuition puts a bit of pressure on the child, group tuition gives children a healthy environment. Some of the positive aspects of group/ home tuition include:

  • Better one–to-one tutor/student performance.
  • More emphasis on student’s learning ability rather than just merely completion of homework.
  • Less distracting factors like siblings playing, parents watching T.V etc.
  • Either being the sole learner or in a group study , children gets to eases away their potential pressures of being humiliated of whether or not they can ask a question.
  • Studying with the group of their age fellows stimulates a positive sense of competition in them allowing them to excel better
  • Due to more resources at tuition center they tend have more enhancing, challenging, interactive and stimulating environment resulting in the production of excellent results.

Module Planning:

Another strong factor of home/group tuition is module planning that is carefully laid out keeping in mind the student’s abilities and their curriculum requirements.

  • Tuition centers help students in coping with the harsh load of homework declining rote learning.
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly tests are carried out to improvise the children’s learning habits.
  • Students tend to get well- drained by studying through the off shelf books and past exams papers, home tutors with their expertise offers them a smooth way to avoid confusions.
  • At unique science academy tutors plan a comprehensive program for each subject to cater each child’s strengths and weakness individually in co-ordination with the lessons taught in schools.

Cost Effective:

The third and the most important of all the factors are being cost effective. Some of the key points that fall in this category are:

  • Group tuitions are way more cost effective than any other pattern of studies as they charge almost 30-40% less than the individual learning system saving a huge amount without any compromise
  • Our qualified and experienced tutors may charge as low as £15/hour in order to promote education.
  • According to our opinion tuition centers will continue to grow in the coming future due to the rapidly increasing pressure on the schools which is a beneficial thing as tuition centers can support children both personally and educationally.

Message from Muhammad Yasir Farooq (Director)

I have always believed throughout my whole life that a man gets whatever he strives for. It’s not the money that specifically drives me but the urge to nurture the society with educated and brilliant students. People believe that highly qualified teachers are usually the best ones but that’s not true. I have seen some of them that lack motivational spirit and I end up gathering the pieces they left. Rich families demand more as they can pay exclusively but I do not overlook those student who have been failed by the education system due to the general reason of not well off. I want all of you to believe in me and the system I laid out for you.